Our Services

A little about what we do.

We undertake work for private residential as well as business customers and offer a range of services from minor touch up repairs to full restoration projects.

Where full restoration is required our preferred method of finishing is to strip items individually by hand to protect natural wood fibres, joints and veneers; staining by hand using light-fast stains, to achieve the slightest changes of colour to enhance the natural beauty of the timber and to blend with other furniture items; finish and wax by hand using Heat-resisting French polish to achieve depth and variety of finish to customer's individual requirements.

This technique works equally well on both period and modern furniture. By combining the use of old and new materials and using traditional methods, we are able to produce versatile, high quality colours and finishes whilst giving heat and light resistance.

Sympathetic reviving of Antiques to protect natural patina and restore natural shine is also undertaken.

By working in conjunction with a highly skilled Cabinet Maker we are able to offer a varied and extensive repair service.

Business customers can take advantage of our fixed rate 2 hour call out service for very minor touch up repairs.

Renovation of modern furniture: We not only renovate old (antique) furniture, it is often very cost effective to have modern furniture of a good make and quality , for example Ercol, Priory, Nathan, Stanley Wood, Old Charm etc renovated, as they are made to a very high standard and can be very expensive to replace with furniture of equal quality. These items can be altered in colour i.e. lightened/darkened to reflect a change in fashion or to blend with other colours in a room and once restored will look virtually as good as new.

Pigment Wash: For a different kind of colour and finish, a pigment wash, also called a colour wash, can be used in conjunction with lacquer or wax. This is used to lighten timbers, while still showing the natural beauty of the grain. Sealing with a thin coat of polish and wax gives the appearance of a natural, simply waxed finish with the advantage that faults can be disguised and timber lightened. It can also be incorporated into the staining process of polishing and lacquering techniques.

If you are interested in any of our services please contact us using the link on the left side of this page.