Recent Projects

The contents of this page will change from time to time, depending on what interesting projects arrive.

Restoration of a Walnut Dressing Table

A Walnut Dressing Table came into my workshop needing work to disguise a large black circular burn mark on the top, re-polishing to all surfaces and replacement of all fittings and handles as the originals were missing. Here is an explanation of how it was restored.

Before...     Burn Mark


All traces of existing polish were removed using a mild chemical solvent and light sanding to prepare for new polish.


The burnt area was filled with coloured beeswax and bright pigment colours applied on top to disguise the blackness.


Base Stain and Bodying Up

A light-fast stain was applied over the whole piece of furniture with extra attention to blending in the now lightened burn mark.

French polish is applied to the surface using various motions to force it into the grain.

Touching Up and Colouring

I blend together French polish with different colours and pigments, in a similar way that an artist would mix paints on a palette. The colour mixes are applied with a pencil brush to disguise and blend in all marks and blemishes.

The burn mark was false grained to blend with the natural grain of the timber.

False Grain

Finishing and Patina Waxing

The surface is bodied up as before, but the French polish is gradually thinned.

Before the finishing coat is completely dry a slightly abrasive wax is applied to the surface to give the affect of ageing and to achieving a satin sheen.

Fittings and Handles

New handles were fitted that were made of Brass with an Antique Finish in a design of the original era and new fittings were attached to the mirror.

...And After!